The importance of getting YOUR EYES checked regularly

Why is it important to get your eyes checked annually?

The answer is kind of the same as to why would you want to get an annual physical, because when you get an annual physical your doctor checks your body in it's entirety. Believe or not that's what your eye doctor does to in your eye exams.

The pupil in your eye, the little black part, all that is a whole and just like a door way which is a whole, it allows access into your body. And when an eye doctor shines that annoying light in your eye that blinds you it allows us to see inside your body. They are assessing your blood vessels and the nerves in the back of your eyes. We are looking for early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, problems with your colon, problems with your heart, and problems with your thyroid.

All of these are visible by looking in the pupil of your eye. It's a lot easier to have somebody shine a light in the back of your eye then having to have them stick a tunicate in your arm, pump it up, and then start listening. The last time I went to the beach it was a lot easier to look at the surf than looking away and trying to guess how big the waves were.When you go see your eye doctor every year they will evaluate your health, the health of your entire body.

Here at Jade Optical on Doral Boulevard we have created a very warm and inviting environment for you to get your eyes checked every year.

Todos las personas aquí en Jade hablamos español.

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