Rx or Vitamin: You make the call

Let’s be frank. Wouldn’t you like to live in a country where the number one selling drug actually treated a disease? I’m tired of pharmaceutical companies marketing the benefits of the “side effects” of their poisons.

Do you remember the day when statins drugs were used for fungal infections and prostaglandins were used for pressure control. But nooooooooo, that’s not sexy enough for Americans. Big Pharma felt the need to make us believe we’re all going to drop dead of a heart attack if we put sour cream with our baked potato. I have freckles on my arms…does this mean I will get skin cancer? Is there a pill for that? A better question is “Is there a side effect of an existing pill that reduces my risk of progressing into skin cancer by .00000000001%, but Big Pharma can make money on it?” If the answer is yes, we’ll see the Super bowl add in a few weeks.

I firmely believe that our cholesterol is our cholesterol. We make it for a reason. Every cell membrane is made of the stuff. Don’t you think that, maybe…, think outside the box here for a minute…, we may harm ourselves if we f#*k with our liver’s production of this vital substance? The cell membrane decides what enters and exits. In other words, what the cell eats and poops. If someone started forcing sh#t down my throat or plugging me up, I wouldn’t be very efficient. Artificially screwing with the production of our necessities is never a good idea.

We do know that the bad cholesterol (major category called LDL, although all LDL is not bad) is processed in out liver, sent out through our bloodstream (via a homocysteine molecule) utilized by our body then delivered back to our liver (via HDL aka good cholesterol) for recycling (Scientists out there, please forgive my dumbded down version).

Homocysteine rates can be safely and effectively reduced with over the counter Niacin. Yes, Vitamin B3 naturally reduces your homocysteine rate so that your naturally produced LDL no longer has an excessive supply of taxi cabs to travel around your body on. If you’re prone to hot flashes, consider the no-flush formulas that are ubiquitous.

As an aside, a recent article published online on October 6, 2011 in the journal Rejuvenation Researchdescribes a role for supplementation with acetyl-L- carnitine (ALC) in reducing the effects of high levels of homocysteine that are associated with some of the features of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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