Green tea continues to enhance our lives

As more nutritional research is compiled, the plethora of health benefits associated with green tea amounts. Existing studies reveal such broad spectrum attributes as scavenging free radicals, fluid-stabilizing properties, promoting weight loss, helping maintain healthy cell proliferation (staying young),helping maintain healthy blood cholesterol, enhancing immune function and displaying protective effects on brain tissues.

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that this incredible plant also improved quality of life by reducing “age related functional disability”.

ARFD is defined as day-to- day activities such as housework, bathing, dressing and going to work. I define these as “independence related activities” which tend to become more important as we celebrate birthdays.

On a personal note, I recently dropped 2% of my body fat by simply taking more green tea extract combined with some other natural supplements without changing my diet or exercise routines.

If you enjoy your green tea in a cup instead of a pill, be careful not to pour boiling hot water over the tea bag as this will destroy the “good” component of the tea, specifically EGCG. Boil the water then let it cool for a couple of minutes prior to seeping.

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