Cholesterol Confusion

Many people would be surprised to find out that the most prescribed Rx medication in America treats a risk factor. That’s right, having high cholesterol, or hypercholesterolemia, is not a disease. There have been hundreds of studies on cholesterol and heart disease risks. Results vary as widely as the companies that sponsor them, but one fact remains. High cholesterol is still considered a warning sign by the American Medical Association and American Heart Association.

The bottom line is we all need cholesterol. That’s why our body produces it. Some of us make more than others. This explains why some vegetarians have higher cholesterol numbers than the average omnivore. We also consume cholesterol in the form of animal products (shrimp being very high on the cholesterol containing list). The combination of dietary and genetic cholesterol levels dictates our overall numbers, but may have less to do with heart disease risk than previously thought.

Cholesterol is a waxy steroid of fat that is produced in our liver and intestines. It is essential for the proper production of hormones and cell membranes, the lining around our cells that dictates what comes in (nutrients) and what goes out (waste products).

It makes sense that fatty food would increase our cholesterol levels, but it turns out that sugar intake will alter your blood levels at a much quicker and more dangerous rate than fat. What? Sugar is bad for us? Yes, that same addictive substance that cancer cells love to feast on will also increase your cholesterol level higher and faster than a greasy cheeseburger.

If you have been advised to take an Rx medication in order to lower your cholesterol numbers, please consider natural remedies in conjunction with, or in place of them. Rx medications and poisons only differ in their dosages. All medications can be toxic. Cholesterol medications are notorious for depleting Co-Q-10 levels. Co-Q-10 is the energy source for all our cells, especially our muscle cells. Wait a minute, isn’t our heart a muscle? Yes it is. That same medication that is supposed to help your heart may be hurting it at the same time.

Natural remedies for better cholesterol health include Omega 3’s, Vitamin B 3 (Niacin), Policosanol and Red Yeast Rice (Co-Q-10 needed for this as it acts like a natural statin drug).

The best natural remedy for better health in general is a reasonable amount of “real” food combined with regular exercise. If more people did this, maybe we wouldn’t be dealing with the health care crisis we have today.

Dr. Steven Newman.

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